Accelerating Innovation in Financial Services

(Domain + Technology)


Bringing together deep financial services domain and technology expertise, we apply cognitive capabilities across operational, data, and decision-making layers. Through robust and scalable cutting-edge analytics and decision-science products, we help financial institutions achieve the speed, agility, and flexibility innate to an AI-first organization.


AI-first Products

By embedding AI capabilities, our products are inherently self-sufficient to learn, adapt, and improve with the micro & macro changes to the business environment. Aimed at enhancing competitive advantage, augmenting decision-making, and delivering highly efficient processes.

Better Credit Scorecards with Explainable AI

Designed by bankers, ZScore uses advanced AI & ML algorithms to develop higher accuracy Scorecards spanning the entire credit lifecycle - Application, Behavior & Collections and Explainable AI (XAI) to ensure complete transparency into the AI applied in your models.


Digital Transformation Through Advanced Analytics

bankIQ brings together our proven expertise in helping financial institutions achieve leading-edge analytics & reporting capabilities. The unique design and built-in financial services data model (FSDM) sets it apart from the competition and enables a short lead time to value for financial institutions.


As part of our digital transformation, we are continuously looking for ways to enhance our customer experience.
One of these is by using AI-enabled models, jointly developed with our partners, we have made our application and underwriting process much more efficient so we can deliver sustainable offers to our customers, with a faster turnaround time, while driving down the cost of risk.”

Chief Risk Officer

A digitally-led financial institution

About Us

Finbots.AI is an AI-envisioned FinTech certified by Singapore Fintech Association.

We bring together global experience in financial services & trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science & Natural Language Processing to develop innovative solutions for financial institutions that will drive enterprise growth, profitability, and sustainability.

We capitalize on advancements in AI and embed cognitive technologies into our product and solution offerings to support diverse environments and scale to help you - do more, learn more and achieve more.