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Unpuzzle the Unstructured data 


The solution leverages cognitive capabilities including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and NLP to process documents and extract data



AI-enabled end-to-end solution addressing data extraction, standardization, processing, validation and reporting



Accommodates growing data volumes without hampering the existing workflow and scales with the growing business demands

ICR & ML enabled

Data Extraction

The solution can be trained to read & extract unstructured data from numerous formats & varying nomenclatures



Harnesses the efficiency of intelligent automation while remaining responsive to human feedback to achieve 100% accuracy

NLP-driven Standardization

Harnesses self-learning ability to enable supervised learning &unlearningthrough advanced machine learning algorithms


User Interface

User centric and intuitive to use interface. Allows ‘trace to source’ with ability to sort, search & filter data for further consumption


Accelerate digital transformation and extract business advantage from unstructured data

Smart and Swift Reporting

AI-driven solution that intelligently extracts from unstructured & semi-structured sources to prepare consumable reports in minutes



Help businesses easily and quickly integrate with existing processes and get up and running in weeks


with Accuracy

Data is captured, validated, and reconciled automagically through pre-defined rules resulting in reduced error rates


on Capex and Opex

Solution works on open-source platforms, requires minimum hardware, and demands less maintenance with intelligent automation


Time and Costs

Automation and leveraging cognitive capabilities ease the burden of processing documents reducing efforts and minimizing errors


Return on Investment

End-to-end automation resulting in immediate reduction of efforts, errors and improved productivity and efficiency of outcomes

Increase value of your unexplored and unorganized data

AI & NLP driven solution that efficiently converts data from diverse unstructured sources into structured reports & analytics

U2S categorizes and extracts data using OCR / ICR, pre-processes text through NLP techniques and presents the information in required report & graphical formats

A Singapore based AI envisioned Fintech certified by Singapore Fintech Association.

We bring together global experience in financial services & cognitive technologies to AI enabled solutions for financial institutions that will drive enterprise growth, profitability, and sustainability.

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