Analyze and Optimize

the Econometrics way

Use Cases

High-value use cases that can impact your top and bottom line positively

Fundamentally digitize and optimize business processes for better productivity, efficiency, and superior customer experience

Process Optimization

High performing statistical models for analyzing multiple variables and dimensions of complex datasets to unearth game changing insights

Multivariate Modelling

Respond to market with tailored prices to reduce the risk of mispricing and increase the customer’s likelihood to accept it

Dynamic Pricing

Proprietary ML algorithms and statistical models for optimized portfolio construction, asset allocation and trading executions

Portfolio Management

We design scalable and sustainable models uniquely for you to answer business-specific questions 

A proof of concept can provide a concrete and immediate demonstration of the AI & ML technologies. Our approach to a PoC is through a proven five-step approach.

  • Identify high-value use cases

  • Shortlist the one with significant business impact

  • Validate its alignment with Business strategy

Identify the Use Case

  • Articulate the problem in detail

  • Check for right data, quality & quantity of data

  • Confirm if you have the data infrastructure to support 

Data Profiling

  • Design the end-to-end flow of the solution

  • Construct the models

  • Train, tune and deploy the models

Architect & Deploy

  • Accuracy and repeatability of results

  • Scalability with business needs

  • Adaptability of the solution to changing conditions

Evaluate for Business Value

  • Scale up the scope of data and business involvement

  • Scale out to other use cases

  • Plan for management and operations

Scale up the PoC

Do you have a unique use case in mind?

How a financial services provider embedded AI into their credit decisioning process?

Success Story

Achieve higher forecasting accuracy through advanced time series models. Our team of experts help you build customized models to predict future performance through a sequence of time from past behaviour for use-cases such as liquidity forecasting, customer onboarding demand, among others.



The efficiency ofany decisioning system is its ability to optimize the process through multiple influence factors and finding the best choice. Our advanced optimizer modules useheuristic and meta-optimization techniques to address NP-hard business problems like workforce optimizations, campaign strategizing etc