Identity & Visual Guidelines

Image by Shubham Dhage

Brand guidelines ensure consistent communication and accurate representation of organization across all channels and touchpoints. The manual comprises guidelines on the logo usage, color palette, font, typography along with the story of the brand

Logo Overview

The finbots wordmark is built with the following distinct  elements:


  • Logotype (finbots.ai)

  • Brandmark


The fully customised logotype gives Finbots  a unique personality found nowhere else. It advances timeliness clean lines to present a professional and forward-thinking persona. This is a brand made for the digital age

Logo Clear Space

In order to keep the logo visible and prominent, the logo should have enough uninterrupted space around it. This is known as clear space. Using the width of the letters “ai” as “X”, the minimum clear space is a 1x area around the entire logo. When in doubt, be generous when providing clear space around the logo.

Logo Full-Color Version

Colour powerfully identifies the brand. Used consistently, it builds recognition and attaches all generated goodwill of the business to the brand, setting it apart from the rest. In full colour, the logo
reflects the qualities of the brand, its advanced technologies and entrepreneurial vigour. 

Whenever possible, use the full-colour version of
the logo for maximum brand impact.

Logo Primary, One-Color Versions

Across applications, use the full-colour logo as much as possible. However, in cases where only one color is available for printing, use the colour option that contrasts most with the background.

The Logotype can also be used on its own without the Brandmark. This use is recommended on more visually complex applications. Be careful to ensure the distinctive Pixel element between the words “finbots” and “ai” is clearly visible regardless of application.

Colour Palette-Primary Colours

The Brand Colours should be used according to this proportion guide for maximum brand impact and recall. Notably, the accent colour should be used judiciously and sparingly to give it greatest possible contrast. 

In general, match colours that bring the greatest contrast against images, photos or graphic. Generous use of white space is advised to create a professional and confident aesthetic whilst bringing
into clear focus important communication content.

Logo Color Version.png
Logo Primary.png
Color Palette.png

Typography Typefaces

The creative typeface for Finbots is Nunito Sans. Confident, modern and easy to read, the font is suited for a wide range of applications. It is freely available, which allows for quick practical use in both internal and external communications. Multiple levels of typographic hierarchy are possible for impact and clarity. 

To use the Nunito Sans typeface, please visit:



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Typography Text Hierarchy

Text hierarchy is key in visually separating important written pieces of information. Stick closely to the specifications here to retain a consistent and professional impression. 

Paired fonts should be at least two weights apart. For example, Nunito Sans Light should only be paired with Nunito Sans Bold. This is to maintain sufficient distinctiveness between an accent and regular body text.