AI : With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Updated: Nov 16

Artificial Intelligence brings a promise of enormous economic societal p

Potential and is increasingly a part of our way of life, whether browsing the internet, watching a movie, buying a book, or booking a flight. While the pool of AI-powered solutions is growing daily, we're still in the early days of innovation & application of AI.

AI : The Good, The Bad, .....

One key aspect is already evident though - while AI enables the good that everybody sees, it equally presents risks that may lead to discrimination and perpetuate bias.

Exhibit A - AI utilizes historical data in the development of predictive models. Therein lies the challenge – this data carries the ‘DNA’ of biases in past decisions that resulted in discriminatory policies and decisions. Therefore, using historical data without necessary pre-processing and using simple modelling techniques is like to deliver models where these biases and discriminations are even more accentuated.