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Financial Services

Data Model for Banks


Result of leveraging years of experience in Banking industry, Data management and Business Analytics delivery

Modular, Scalable & Extensible

Ability to implement in a modular fashion, incorporate extensions and scale as the data volume grows


Data Dictionary

Comprehensive and organized data dictionary simple to understand, increases utilization and maintains data integrity across databases

Technology Independent

A fully attributed data model that can be implemented on any proprietary or open source RDMBS platforms

Hybrid Design Approach

Designed on dimensional and 3NFmodeling techniques, the model is customizable and reduces implementation complexity.

Superior Model Management

Built to the entirety of data, ensure redundancy reduction, follow standards and create business-useful definitions



Inbuilt data access layerto accelerate data use cases like advanced analytics, BI solutions among others.


InfoMall warrants clean and quality data organizations can trust, driving insights behind the best data-driven decisions.

Strong & Scalable

Data Architecture

Robust enterprise data architecture makes an organization more responsive to change, lowers risks & increases effectiveness

Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

Integrates data that is dispersed across data sourcesand delivers standardizedand single version of data throughout

Improved Timelines of Data Delivery

Data presented in consistent and logically structured manner enables faster and easier access to data-driven insights

Maximum utilization of Data Assets

Facilitates access to unified data, identifying correct datato solve quality issues and improvedata intelligence capabilities



The Data model is pre-integrated and optimized to ensure quick implementation with quick delivery of value.

Introduce Data-driven Decisions

Availability of cleansed, consistent, and controlled data makes it easier for businesses to infusedata-driven culture

Developed by Bankers, for Banks

A Unified, Cross-functional and Logical financial services data model that brings together enterprise-wide data into a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) framework

Bringing together 100s of years of combined knowledge & skills in data architecture, data modeling, data warehousing & business intelligence

InfoMall is designed by data modeling experts to create a complete data architecture road map that is foundationally based on best practices, industry standards and latest proven techniques.