Digital Transformation through
Advanced Analytics


Accelerate growth, enhance productivity, improve risk management and find new source of growth



Deeper insights into customer profiles help improve acquisition & retention of clients and cross- and up-selling



Processes become more effective and advanced analytics drive faster andaccurate decision support to your teams


Risk Management

Leveraging analytics-aided insights, place yourselves in a better position to quantify, measure and proactively predict risk.


Customer Experiences

Deliver one-of-a-kind lifestyle-inspired experiences through data-driven intelligent conversations and hyper personalized offerings

Data-Driven Insights

Empower business users through a data-driven culture to understand present realities and predict future states

Growth Segments

Spot patterns, identify potential opportunities and create new offerings that are designed around current customer demand

Ready to use analytics dashboards integrated with Financial Services DataModel (FSDM)

End-to-end Solution: Data integration, Data model & Data Visualizations to meet your information requirements

Dashboards & Reports: Meet enterprise-wide requirements from a single-source-of-truth (SSOT) data environment

InfoMall: Proprietary Financial Services Data Model (FSDM) that brings together enterprise-wide data into a SSOT framework



Pre-built dashboards to drive better profitability & performance and achieve improvements in everyday business activities

Designed for Management as well as business analysts.

With rich connections to enterprise data sources, stakeholders can visually track and display Finance KPIs through pre-built dashboards covering Balance sheets, Income statements, Cash Floes, Trial balance, Forecasts among others

Business analysts can further mix in Excel data to do tasks such as experimenting with forecasted model data.

Customer 360

Machine learning-based customer data profiling.

Provide powerful insights and supports in unfolding key patterns in the Bank’s customer data. Dashboards like customer segmentation, churn analysis, product recommendations, etc., enable behavioral understanding, identify trends that guide the organization formulate short & long-term marketing and product positioning strategies

Accurately analyze performance segments and components of the profitability equation.

Helps leadership & relevant stakeholders compare performance across branches to elevate the performance of both individual branches and the institution through Deposits & Lending portfolio performance, maturity profile dashboards, etc.

Business Performance
Human Resources

Comprehensive dashboard that helps HR professionals access critical KPIs and reports in a concise and intuitive way

Presents data visually guiding organizations monitor, gauge, and dive deeper into company progress towards headcount, performance, onboarding, attrition, attendance, etc., goals eventually driving informed decisions and strategies

Branch Management

Access insights that lead the way in the transformation of the branch network into experience stores

The platform through its ready to use dashboards visually tracks performance, spot trends & anomalies, analyze the performance of branches across customer insights, business units, sales, volumes, geographies, and timelines.

Sales Management

Pressure on branches being intensified with sales and servicing going digital.

bankIQ generates insights that can help identify real-world picture of the sales performance, understand patterns that are affecting sales pipeline and proactively help formulate data-driven sales strategies and execute campaigns that can positively impact the bottom line


Through productivity dashboards, banks can identify problematic indicators & productivity levers that will assist banks in the rigorous, scientific analysis of the branch franchise.

Such analysis will lead to opening-up innovative collaboration possibilities and give birth to efficient & productive banking models

Competitor Analysis

Provides banking professionals with user-friendly and organized access to know their competitors better.

Competitive intelligence dashboards help banks perform Analysis on the lowest level of granularity for reported financial indicators and allows bringing in their own data sets to compare, evaluate, and compete efficiently.