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Harness the power of AI & ML to Predict, Personalize, and Profit

Use Cases

High-value use cases that can impact your top and bottom line positively

Monitor customer behaviors, build unique customer profiles, and derive smart predictions to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Predictive Intelligence

Create customized recommendation engines to deliver personalized experiences, improve sales, predict the likelihood of events happening

Recommendation Systems

Strengthen your fraud management strategy to Identify anomalies, prevent potential irregularities, and reduce false positives

Fraud Analytics

Maintain, refine, and improve models over time to ensure predictive performance is boosted and accuracy is sustained.

Predictive Maintenance

We design scalable and sustainable models uniquely for you to answer business-specific questions 

A proof of concept can provide a concrete and immediate demonstration of the AI & ML technologies. Our approach to a PoC is through a proven five-step approach.

  • Identify high-value use cases

  • Shortlist the one with significant business impact

  • Validate its alignment with Business strategy

Identify the Use Case

  • Articulate the problem in detail

  • Check for right data, quality & quantity of data

  • Confirm if you have the data infrastructure to support 

Data Profiling

  • Design the end-to-end flow of the solution

  • Construct the models

  • Train, tune and deploy the models

Architect & Deploy

  • Accuracy and repeatability of results

  • Scalability with business needs

  • Adaptability of the solution to changing conditions

Evaluate for Business Value

  • Scale up the scope of data and business involvement

  • Scale out to other use cases

  • Plan for management and operations

Scale up the PoC

How a financial services provider embedded AI into their credit decisioning process?

Success Story

Leveraging the power of Machine and Deep Learning, we help design and develop solutions that can learn from complex data elements, analyze dimensional data, spot patterns, deliver predictive analytics, identify risks, make predictions and carry out intelligent process automation for the critical day-to-day banking operations.

Machine & Deep Learning

We help optimize deployed ML models to accelerate model correction, improve accuracy & maximize the accumulated reward through continuous model recalibration. Financial institutions can benefit from applying reinforcement learning in areas of option pricing, portfolio optimization, conversational chat-bots among others.

Reinforcement Learning

Do you have a unique use case in mind?

A Singapore based AI envisioned Fintech certified by Singapore Fintech Association.

We bring together global experience in financial services & cognitive technologies to AI enabled solutions for financial institutions that will drive enterprise growth, profitability, and sustainability.

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